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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Toss it Tuesday!

Sorry for another late-in-the-day post. We were out of town this weekend and I got sick (all better now!) and I just haven't been able to get caught up yet. First I want to show you the "after" pics from my kitchen drawers.

Crumb free and sparkly!

Still full of junk, but at least it's semi-contained junk now :-)
You know what drives me crazy about the kitchen drawers? It's just how much I dread cleaning them out. It always seems like it's going to take forever and be horribly tedious. But it took 15 minutes and it was a snap. They're not Martha Stewart-style or anything, but they're clean and I can find stuff. I have got to remind myself next time that this chore is just not a big deal.

Since today is Toss it Tuesday, here is the basket-o-crap I tossed this morning:

And on to today's spring cleaning assignment: to clean the oven. Here's some "before" for ya:
Extreme close-up...double-bleh!
Now here's a "during" shot and a little confession:
This is as far as I got on today's assignment.
And I only just did this about 5 minutes ago. Keepin' it real, peeps. The good news is that once that icky foamy stuff sits in there overnight, one quick wipe-down will finish the job. Then I can show you some "after" shots of my shiny oven. Are you as excited as I am? {wink}

So what was I doing today since I wasn't cleaning my oven? Well, remember when I said that if I didn't manage to finish my birthday present for The Hubs last week then I would have to cram to finish it in time and there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth? Yeah, it's like that. Oh, and swearing. I actually managed to refrain from swearing. Until I tripped over the cord to my sewing machine. The second time. At least Baby K was at school today so I don't have to worry about her repeating it. And you won't tell on me, right?

See you tomorrow!

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