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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Fridge - Pt. 1

Hi All! Guess what? Baby K didn't go to school today because she was under the weather...again. But we had a good day together and I love it when things work out that way. And I bet you think I'm going to use that as an excuse for why I didn't get to today's spring cleaning assignment - but I'm not! I did yesterday's and today's assignments (to clean the fridge shelves and to clean out the fridge drawers) so I could get back on track. Here's my fridge before:

Eek! Watch your toes, the juice is about to jump!

And after:

Now I can actually find things! Woo hoo!
Tomorrow I'm going to work on the shelves in the fridge door. Then I can sail into the weekend with my most-dreaded kitchen chores behind me - clean and organized junk drawer and silverware drawer, clean oven, clean and organized fridge - check, check and check!

And speaking of the weekend, this weekend is the kick-off for Spring Break 2011. I'm starting to work up some plans in my head for things we can do for fun next week. Weather permitting, we're going camping for part of the week. I'm thinking cheap movies one day, and maybe a day at the zoo. The kids and I talked some more about what to do with the moolah in our giving bank and they would really like to buy some fabric and make a couple of blankets to give away, so we might make a day of that. I'd love to hear your ideas!

What fun things are you planning for Spring Break?

Have a great night! See ya tomorrow.


Shauna Henry said...

I love your giving bank idea! I've been trying to come up with something similar, and I recently found out about this project, called the Comfort Doll Project.

The Comfort Doll Project is a group of artists who create and donate their beautiful dolls to be delivered specifically to women in domestic abuse shelters.

Each comes with a card that says:

I am a Comfort Doll. I was made especially for you by a woman's heart and hand who cares. When you need strength or just a smile, hold me and feel the love I send. Like me, your are unique, worthy, beautiful and deserve all good things in life. You have the strength within yourself to be extraordinary.

Find the strength and shine!
Comfort Dolls - Created with our hands - given with our hearts.

This project is based out of Indiana, but I'm trying to get something together locally to donate to our shelters.

I hope you have a great spring break!

Brooke said...

Shauna - what an awesome project! A great physical reminder of a woman's worth...that she is so special that a stranger would reach out that way. I love it. Keep me posted on your efforts to organize something local. I don't have your talent, but I could contribute supplies!