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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All-Natural Herbicide and Bathroom Redo Before Pics

Greetings friends! When I start seedlings indoors, I keep my little tray on top of the cabinet in our laundry room because it is the only place in our entire home that is inaccessible to our cat. So when I walked in on this scene on Sunday morning, I knew there was gonna be trouble. Better make that was inaccessible to our cat.

Do you notice anything strange about my little seedlings?

This is what they looked like before Lucky ate all the leaves.

You are probably starting to understand why his name is "Lucky." He's my little all-natural herbicide. He's definitely lucky that I love him so much. Looks like I will be buying starter plants again this year :-)

I've got some pictures to show you of my half-bathroom. We've been in this house for five years now and I've never done anything to spruce up this room except change out the rug and hand towel. It's a very small room and I've just been stuck.

This is the wall behind the sink. I know that looks like nastiness on the wall, but it's actually water spots. The original paint job consisted of a single coat of very watered-down flat paint right over the drywall with no primer. And it's not that cool scrubbable flat paint, either. It's always driven me crazy because no matter how clean the bathroom is, it always looks dirty because of those stupid spots!

This is the cabinet that hangs above the toilet. It's a nice enough cabinet, but kind of boring.

You can see that I've never put a curtain up. Still just boring old blinds. Bleh!

You can't see the cabinet under the sink, but it matches the upper cabinet. And there are those dreaded water spots behind the sink again.

This is the only wall decor I've ever put up in there. I know that saying is a little played out, but I still like it. I like the shabby chic-ness of the plaque, too. I told a friend recently that my decorating style is more of shabby chic minus the "chic." I've got 5 kids, y'all! I just can't maintain chic. Even the shabby kind.

Meet my new best friend! I picked this paint out all by myself and I can't believe I picked cream! I never pick mild colors! But I decided that I want to be able to redecorate the bathroom by just switching up accessories, so I picked "Vanilla Creme" for the walls.

That's all for now! Tomorrow I will show you the new and improved version of my tiny little bathroom. I love it! And it was easy and cheap! {Bonus!}

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