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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I know it doesn't look like much...

...but this is what I have spent the last two days working on:

This is the birthday present I made for The Hubs. He likes to build bicycle wheels (our boys race BMX - bicycles not motorcycles). One of the pieces of equipment that he uses to do that is called a truing stand. It looks like this:

You can't see it in this picture, but he built a special custom base for it. This monster weighs about 25 pounds and it's oddly shaped and very difficult to carry around. It really was not designed for portability. But The Hubs takes it everywhere. Okay, not everywhere. But everywhere BMX-related. So I decided that he needs a special case for it. Something to protect it and make it easier to haul around.

I took this picture to show you the drawstring closure...but doesn't it look kind of like a muppet or something? Anyway, I know this bag really doesn't look very impressive so I feel the need to give you a few stats to justify why it was so work-intensive to put together. The base of the bag is about 13"x15" and it's about 26" tall. I bought 2 yards of 60" wide cotton duck fabric (which is some seriously heavy stuff) and all that's left is a 3" strip. And this is all that's left of what was a brand new spool of thread when I started this project:

Okay, I know this is not very interesting to anyone besides me, so I'll move on now. But now you know why I didn't get to my spring cleaning assignment for today :-) Which, by the way, was to clean my refrigerator shelves. I did finish yesterday's assignment and polished off the oven cleaning this morning:
No more grossy gross. And it was nice when I made cupcakes this afternoon and the oven didn't smoke. Who knew?!

Tomorrow I AM going to get back on track! Baby K will be at school, I don't have any birthday projects to make and I am going to. Clean. My. House. Or at least my refrigerator.

Have a great night!

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