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Monday, February 28, 2011

Resolution Check-in

Yikes! It's already time for another resolution check-in!

Resolution #1: To be more intentional about giving - I think we're doing pretty well in this area. I knit five baby hats (a couple at the edges of the photo got cut off). They are so fun to knit! I will post a baby hat pattern soon in case you would like to make some, too. I used a basic pattern and switched up the colors to make each hat cute and unique. My favorite hats are the two brightly colored ones at the front of this photo. My sweet little 8-year-old daughter knit those two on her Knifty Knitter. Precious!

The Caps for Good campaign ends today, so I will pop these little cuties in the mail this morning and send them on their way to Brooklyn, NY. From there they will be distributed to babies around the world!

 Remember when I said that I would take a photo of my cleaned-out yarns once I had some hats finished? Well, my hope at that time was that this pile of yarn wouldn't be quite so huge once I knit up a few hats. Unfortunately for my pile, baby hats are small and don't use much yarn. As you can see, the pile is, um, rather large.Since blankets use up a lot more yarn, I think I will turn my attention  to Project Linus for a while. Project Linus accepts knit, crochet, and fabric blankets (sewn or new-sew fleece), so join me!

I had intended to do a couple more of my switcheroos this month to build up our giving bank, but I only did one. We had cereal for dinner the other night and added $10 to our bank. Then we talked about what kind of organizations the kids are interested in supporting. That was a pretty fun conversation, really. Some want to donate to help animals, some want to help kids. It was neat to see how different things move each of the kids. Now I will do a little research, put a list together, and let the kids choose! I'll keep ya posted.

Resolution #2: To be more accepting of people (including myself) - Two words: Oy. Vay. Here's the dealio: I think I had the expectation that once I said, "I resolve to be more accepting of people," BOOM! I would instantly feel more accepting. Alas, that is not what has happened. In fact, since making that statement I have become more acutely aware of just how UN-accepting I am and it is painful! But I will soldier on. Progress, not perfection.

Resolution #3: To focus more on how to fulfill my kids' emotional needs and focus less on how my kids could fulfill my emotional needs - Another tough one. And it kind of goes hand-in-hand with being more accepting of people because this is a lot about being more accepting of my kids. I think we all enter parenthood with some (rather imaginative) ideas and expectations. (We tend to enter our marriages the same way, don't we?) At some point we run into a little thing called "reality." Then we have a choice: We can make ourselves (and our kids) crazy trying to force our children to comply with our preconceived notions of who/what they should be or we can support our children in their quests to become individuals. I believe that we actually have much more influence over the kind of individuals they become if we start with acceptance.

In some ways this resolution is easier than being more accepting of people in general because I love my kids so much and that love is unconditional. So the love aspect of acceptance is just a given and is really a non-issue. But it can be more difficult, too, because other relationships aren't charged with so many expectations. I'm definitely making progress on this resolution, but I'm starting to realize that this isn't one of those goals that I will ever actually reach. I won't wake up one day and say, "Okay, as of right now, I have met this goal and now I can move on to something else."  This will be an ongoing project for me. Recently I've been working on grace.

Resolution #4: To work throughout the year on handmade gifts instead of scrambling at the last minute - I haven't done a whole lot here, really. I have plans in my head to work on Mother's Day gifts in April and Father's Day gifts in May. It remains to be seen whether I will be able to follow through on those plans. The Hubs has a birthday coming up and if I get his gift finished this week (I do have all the supplies purchased and ready to go!), it will be scramble-free. If I do not get it finished this week, there will be scrambling indeed. And gnashing of teeth. And probably some swearing. Okay, definitely some swearing. I'm just sayin'.

Resolution #5: To stock my Etsy store - Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. FAIL. Yes, I finished the scarf that I want to be my first item listed. No, I did not list it. I could give you eleventy million excuses, but that is all they would be, just excuses.

How are you coming on your resolutions? What successes are you having? What kind of obstacles do you face?

P.S. Please stop back by here tomorrow! I will be unveiling my big bloggy plans for March! I have fun features and lots of useful content lined up for the whole month - woo hoo!

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