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Monday, April 25, 2011

Don't Call It a Comeback...

...I've been here for years! Ok, so I haven't exactly been burning up the airwaves the last couple of weeks. My entire fam has been taking turns being sick - one after the other - for what seems like an eternity but is actually only about 3 weeks. Yep, it has been a regular snot factory around here. The whole fiasco culminated in my contracting a sinus infection last week, which of course I let get way out of control before going to the doctor because I'm pretty much convinced that antibiotics are evil and enough vitamin C can cure anything. You know, except for when it doesn't cure something and then I have to go to the doctor and get antibiotics. So I went to the doctor, got the antibiotics (and a shot! Bleh!) and I'm just now feeling human again. And I have missed you all so much!

I'm so disappointed, too, because I had fun stuff planned to share with you. Some of it I still can share, but I doubt you're very interested in Easter crafts at this point, huh? Oh well. Life happens ;) I hope you guys have had a great April and a terrific Easter!

I do have one exciting thing to share! I got nominated for an award, y'all! It's my very first one and it absolutely made my day. This is just a little teaser, though. I will give you all of the details tomorrow! And it involves sharing some of my fave blogs, so tune in for all of the fun!

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Shelley said...


YAY!!! Congrats on your award, that's so exciting!!!

Ok, 3 weeks of family members being sick is TOTALLY forever!!! Ugh... I so feel for you and hope you all get to feeling better asap!