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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's resolutions

Sitting here on New Year's Eve, I can't help but think about goals for the upcoming year. I have so many! In an attempt to stay moderately grounded in reality, I will skip over resolutions that are really unlikely to come to fruition and focus on goals that I can actually accomplish. And if I do happen to actually lose 40 pounds, well that will just be a bonus, okay?

In 2011, I will:

  • be more intentional about giving. I will involve my family and find creative ways to make giving real and important to my kids.
  • be more accepting of people. I will look for and attempt to highlight the strengths of people and relationships that are challenging for me and accept people just how they are. Including myself.
  • focus more on how to fulfill my kids' emotional needs and focus less on how my kids could fulfill my emotional needs.
  • work throughout the year on handmade gifts instead of scrambling at the last minute!
  • stock my etsy store. I opened a store a couple of years ago, just before a big life-changing event, and never put a single item in it.

I've never really figured in any accountability when it comes to New Year's resolutions. But I've never had a list that felt so important to me, either. I will check back in with my list from time to time to see how I'm coming along. Monthly, I think.

What's on your to-do list for the upcoming year?


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SarahinOK said...

Yeah! A new blog!
My to do list: Quit the adoption tunnel vision. Broaden my vision to my whole family and be open to what God wants to do in all of us... not just through the next kid.

Set the tone for my house with purpose and intentionality. I've been such a schmuck lately (self-centered and conveniently 'tired' just when my family needs me to step up to the plate sometimes). I've known that being the mom means being the heart/setting the tone for the environment in the home, and I think I'm seeing the fruit of my avoidance or unintentionality and it's not pretty... So I want to stay mindful of the tone I'm setting and kick it up a few notches.